Starting out of our own backyards, we're growing healthy, locally sourced, organic food for under-served communities with the goal of using using vacant space throughout the city to grow food. Having a larger space gives us the chance to feed local communities on a larger scale and create sustainable food systems for the hood.

The food we currently grow will be used to always provide healthy organic food free of charge at all of our community events. As we grow we hope to soon be able to develop a CSA (community-supported agriculture) program based on a sliding scale cost.



Learning for some is a given while for others it's a distant and far-fetched obstacle. Educational institutions aren't accessible to everyone which is why we serve as a free resource through community based workshops and programs that align with our core values of health, accessibility, and sustainability, engaging POC with our mama earth in a structural format that weens from dependency on corporations. 


Programs are TBD until we have a space of our own while workshops are updated to our calendar.

Policy Change


Advocating for a better today, we strive to work closely with national and local organizations focused on radicalizing the environmental justice movement to ensure that marginalized folk are involved in every decision that will impact them. This means prison abolition, farmworker rights, racial justice, food empowerment, land sovereignty, and so much more within the legal space.


We believe in helping mobilize each other into a place of mass action that allows us to stand up against major corporations disrupting the needs of our communities on a daily basis.

Community building


What is a green economy if it doesn't account the people most affected by environmental pollution and degradation? It is a bias, elitist, "green-washed" version of capitalism. We seek to build communities that have lost their connection to the land due to colonialism through the implementation of sustainable efficient practices and applying green energy to our operations, creating opportunities in an ethical fashion.