What are we about?


Food is our passion, our basis, and connection to the land. However, we strive to be a nexus of all things sustainability: food, energy, water, waste, climate change, social justice, and so much more. We encourage solution-based, transformative dialogue between all stakeholders of communities and of the Earth.

The conversation of sustainability is typically one that provokes anger, fear, and anxiety. Here we responsibly move away from a mindset of scarcity and towards one of abundance. Minimizing and reducing is what we are told will save us, but in that, we lose joy, culture, community, and ingenuity. We want you to be excited about the future, sustainability, and your place in the movement.

Of course, to move forward we must look back. We must acknowledge and learn from our past and present systems. Food Plug aims to be a resource for all to learn about the challenges we face, the intersections between them, and ultimately the opportunities they provide for transformation.

Learn in community


Learning for some is a given, while for others it's a distant and far-fetched obstacle. Educational institutions aren't accessible to everyone which is why we serve as a free resource through community-based workshops and programs that align with our core values of health, accessibility, and sustainability, engaging folks with our mama earth and opportunities for empowerment and change.


Check out our blog and follow us on Instagram @foodplugproject for educational content as well as updates on upcoming events and initiatives. We encourage discussion and commentary on each of our posts and at in-person events. The idea is to connect with and learn from each other. We can only reach sustainable solutions when we take into account all angles and perspectives.

Meet the team


Food Plug Project started as a vision of community building through collective permaculture farming to first and foremost provide accessible healthy food for food deserts of South Florida. Finding land to start this passion project proved to be unsustainable for us due to the challenges of real estate development in the region. However, we have continued the vision through different avenues and our approach has evolved as we each grow individually and together.

Tammy Arias, Co-founder & Creative Director, is a Miami-Dade native of the Central American diaspora. She is a birth and postpartum doula, a fierce advocate for all birthing people, a natural healer, and most importantly a momma. Tammy focuses on spearheading content creation and social media management for Food Plug. 

Jessica Pineros, Co-founder & Event Organizer, is a South Florida native from Broward County and of South American descent. She is a food justice advocate with a service industry perspective and a former career in event management. Jess leads the coordination and organization of all Food Plug events like potlucks, community clean-ups, workshops, and more.

Gabriela Cimadevilla, Co-founder & Education Director, is also a South Florida native from Broward and is of the Caribbean diaspora. She is a passionate environmental advocate and a well of knowledge in all things intersectional sustainability. Gabs is the facilitator of discussion at all Food Plug events, offering historical knowledge and accessible DIY hacks for change.