If you are unable to make a monetary donation at this time, here are a few other ways to help!

  • Donate food and/or reusable tote bags to a community fridge or pantry near you.

  • Volunteer to assist in food delivery and other collective and mutual aid efforts in your community.

  • Contact us if you have any educational, informative, or physical resources to share.

  • Know someone who can help us with a space to grow food and/or host events? Let us know!

  • Do you own a business or space where we can host a community fridge? Let us know!

  • Are you looking to upgrade your refrigerator? Do you have an extra fridge you no longer need? Donate or sell to us and we will turn it into a community fridge where folks can access free healthy food.

  • Are you an influencer who works with healthy food brands? Influence your collaborators to sponsor food donations or food relief events.

  • Support your small, local, BIPOC-owned businesses. Do not ask them to donate food, rather purchase their goods and donate to a community fridge/pantry near you.

  • Like, share, and save our social media content @foodplugproject and blog posts.

  • Comment and engage with our content, discuss topics and offer your perspective for healthy (non-toxic) discourse. We are open to feedback!